World Trigger Season 3 Episode 4: Release Date and Watch Online

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 4 is going to release on October 31, 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes to be released soon.

World Trigger is an adventurous sci-fi-based drama series that originated in Japan. Mitsuru Hongo, Kouji Ogawa and Morio Hatano are the directors of the anime television series. It is an anime adaptation of the popular manga also knowns as WorTri. The manga series was written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. The anime television series has been on run since October 2014 and we are expecting more episodes to be released soon.

Everything you need to know

The story centers in Mikado City where the threat of aliens increases after a gate to a parallel universe has opened up. The creatures from the other world were known as the Neighbors and they started to destroy the Mikado City. It became an absolute need to stop them, so a group known as Border was created, where the group members were allowed to use a weapon known as a trigger to destroy these creatures.

The aliens have continued to invade the city for almost five years. One day, we are introduced to a character named Yuma Kuga who was being bullied by a bunch of teenagers when a neighbor appeared right before him. Our story’s main protagonist, Osamu Mikumo, who is also a member of Border, tried to defeat him through his trigger but failed. Suddenly Yuma defeated him with his trigger and revealed that he was from a parallel world and these triggers were from his grandfather.

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World Trigger Season 3 Episode 4

World Trigger Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date

It is going to release on October 31, 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes to release soon. We all are excited to witness what will happen next. There are no spoilers yet but we are hoping some to be released soon. As soon as it is released we will update it on our website. Well, the countdown begins and there are just 7 days left for the new episode to be released.

Where to watch?

You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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