Painter of the Night Chapter 84: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Painter of the Night Chapter 84 is scheduled to release on October 22, 2021. Fans are excited to read the latest chapter.

Painter of the Night is a BL manga series written and illustrated by Byeonduck and published by Lezhin Comics. It is one of the most popular BL manga series with a historical background. It is available in Korean, Japanese, and English. The first chapter was released on May 14, 2019. The series won ‘Best BL Lezhin Award 2019’ by Lezhin Comics Korea and Lezhin Comics U.S.

About Painter of the Night

The story takes place in Korea during the Joseon era. Nakyum is a gifted painter, raised by the head Kisaeng (a low-class courtesan). At that time, class hierarchy was prevalent in society. People like Nakyum used to face a lot of discrimination. Despite everything, he is very passionate about drawing erotic paintings of men. He had published a few painting collections under a pseudonym. For some mysterious reasons, he decides to quit drawing.

Yoon Seungho, the young master of a noble family, is obsessed with Nakyum’s paintings. He is famous for his insatiable lust. Seungho searches for the painter behind those paintings. He locates Nakyum and kidnaps him. Seungho thought the man behind those paintings would be an old man. He didn’t expect him to be a pretty young boy. Seungho makes Nakyum his private painter by force.

Painter of the Night Chapter 84

The best part of this manga series is its gorgeous illustrations. Seungho is depicted as a handsome man with sharp facial features. There is some sort of craziness in his eyes which goes perfectly with his character. Nakyum is depicted as a pretty boy with delicate facial features. The sadness in his beautiful eyes tells a lot about his past and present experiences.

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Painter of the Night Chapter 84 Release Date

It is scheduled to release on October 22, 2021. Lezhin releases new chapters of the series once a week, on Fridays. Fans are very excited to read the latest chapter of this manga series.

Where to Read Online

You can read Painter of the Night Chapter 84 online on the Lezhin website and app.

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