Irresistible Episode 7: Release Date and Watch Online

Irresistible Episode 7 is going to release on October 25, 2021. Viewers are excited to watch the latest episodes of the series.

Irresistible is a Thai melodrama series written by Ping Lumpraploeng and directed by Golf Tanwarin Sukkhapisit. It is based on Chalalai’s novel “Mia Nok Hua Jai.” The series is also known as “Tainted Love Revenge’s Fury” and “Roi Rak Raeng Khaen.”

It features Lee Thanat Lowkhunsombat and Aom Sushar Manaying as main roles. Duaysienklao Kornpassorn, Pratit Psitakul, Nut Devahastin, Gina Virahya, and Chidjun Hung are playing supporting roles. It premiered on October 4, 2021. The series has 10 episodes.

About Irresistible

Kimhan and Mookarin are an engaged couple. Kimhan’s sister Mon and Mookarin’s brother Tada are married. When Kimhan’s sister was found dead, he accused Tada of killing his sister. Mookarin believed her brother is innocent and Mon’s death is an accident. The case went to court. Mook took a stand for her brother and Mon’s death was declared as an accident.

Kimhan thinks Mook lied to save her brother. He vowed to take revenge on Mook and Tada. Kimhan broke their engagement. He did everything that could cause Tada and Mook a lot of pain. Kimhan decided to make their life hell. He deliberately dates another girl and says he hates Mook. However, Kimhan and Mook still love each other. But the feeling of love is mixed with hate and revenge.

It’s a melodrama series featuring love, revenge, accident, family relationships, and misunderstandings. As the story progress, either their relationship will get more complicated or they will have a happy ending. Viewers are guessing what will happen next. The plot is engaging and interesting. If you are looking for an interesting romantic melodrama series, this show is your answer.

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Irresistible Episode 7 Release Date

It is going to release on October 25, 2021, on GMM TV. New episodes air every Monday and Tuesday at 7:00 PM. Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode.

Where to Watch Online

You can watch all the latest episodes of Irresistible on the official YouTube channel of GMM TV.

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