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Love is a War Chapter 241 is expected to be released next Friday, 22 October, or Thursday, 21st October for those in the US, Canada, and Europe.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is a War is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written by Aka Alasaka and published by Shueisha magazine on May 19, 2015, and was transferred to Weekly Young Jump in March 2016. In North America, the manga is licensed in English by Viz Media.


About the Series:

In the series, the name of characters was taken from The Bamboo Cutter. The story is about two popular students of the senior high school division of Shuchiin Academy, the school council president and Vice President, Miyuki Shirongane, and Kaguya Shinomiya who looks like a perfect match. Kaguya belongs to a wealthy conglomerate family while Miyuki is a genius student and well-known across the prefecture. Further in the story, they both try to make many schemes to make the other person confess their feelings.

Love is a War Chapter 241
In the last Chapter of Love is a War, Lino, and Ishigami paired together to dance and had a great time together. Kaguya advises her two friends to get along and be more mature as it would be difficult to protect the school when she and Miyuki will escape. Mikado later offers Kaguya the last dance confirming his sister’s suggestion.

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Kaguya wanted to dance with Miyuki but he was he had obligations and was engaged. After some time Miyuki comes and they both happily dances. Kaguya wishes that they could be in the moment forever. The next day, the news was spread that the influencer of Shinomiya has come to an end and Kaguya is missing.

Love is a War Chapter 241 Release Date

Kaguya-Sama is expected to release next Friday, 22 October, and 21st October for those in the US, Canada, and Europe. English version will be available soon after the Japanese version is released.

Love is a War Chapter 241

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