Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 55: Release Date and read Manga Online

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 55 is all set to be released on October 15, 2021. Fans are excited and eagerly waiting for its release.

Mercenary Enrollment is a military-based Korean Manhwa written by YC and an artistic part done by Rakhyun. The manhwa is doing well among its followers and there are chances of the anime adaptation of the same in the future. The comic will be officially released in many languages including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and also English adaptation.

About Mercenary Enrollment

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• Plot of Mercenary Enrollment

• Merchant Enrollment Chapter 55 Release Date

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The plot of Merchant Enrollment

The protagonist of the manhwa is Ijin Yu, who lost his parents in a plane crash at the age of 8. He landed in a foreign land where he was forced to join the mercenary to stay alive. He decides to return home to his parents in Korea where there was plenty of food and peaceful shelter where he never has to think about basic needs to survive. With time he will soon learn how hard is teenage life and that’s another level of survival. Ijin must learn new tricks and tips to actively make his way around his one year of high school journey.

Ijin has betrayed his camp once he got to know that he has a real family and mercenaries took this as his weak point and now can target his family because the first rule of killers is to break all relations with the outside world. Will Ijin Yu be able to save his family from this crisis? Can he come to his family without being killed? Keep reading Merchant Enrollment to know more about Ijin Yu and his family.

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Merchant Enrollment Chapter 55 Release Date

Merchant Enrollment Chapter 55 will be released on October 15, 2021. Once it’s released the English adaptation will also be available within a day or two, probably on October 17, 2021.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 55

Where to read Manga Online

You can watch Merchant Enrollment Chapter 55 on TapyyToon who is the official publisher of the series. You can also watch the English adaptation on where you will find all the latest updated chapters.

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