Star Martial God Technique Chapter 487, Release Date and Read Manga Online

Star Martial God Technique Chapter 487 is expected to release in next week. Viewers can read the manhua online on MangaClash.

Star Martial God Technique is a Chinese novel and Manhua series created by Mad Snail, the same author of the popular series, Tales of Demons and Gods. Ye XingHe is the main character of the series. He is a young boy with yellow eyes and long brown hair. He generally wears dark green clothes and a overcoat.

Ye XingHe was born and raised into the Azure Feather family, which has its base in Blue Carp Town.

About Star Martial God Technique 

Ye XingHe was originally chosen as the representative to go to the Heavenly Star Academy in order to improve his cultivation instead of his supposed cousin. At the academy, Ye XingHe and his group are attacked. Due to this circumstances, Ye XingHe is expelled from the academy and he returns to his village. During his adventures, Ye XingHe meets a mysterious lady named Shang’Guan Xuan, and under her guidance, he is able to achieve a very high cultivation level.

Star Martial God Technique Chapter 487

In the whole world there lay twelve paths to climb the Tower of God, and in legends these twelve paths lead towards the legendary road of immortality. After several adventures, Ye XingHe confronts the Demon Emperor Ling Tian at the Tower of God. In those two years, XingHe falls in coma and only wakes up when he has few days left to live.

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Star Martial God Technique Chapter 487 Release Date 

This ongoing fantasy Chinese manhua is full of action and adventures, that attracted the viewers most. It is one of the most popular Chinese series which received huge popularity. It receives a lot of love and appreciation from the viewers and now they are can’t wait to see the upcoming chapters. Here the countdown starts as only few days are left. So, Chapter 487, is more likely to premiere in next week.

Star Martial God Technique Chapter 487

Read Manga Online 

The manga Star Martial God Technique is available in MangaTx. You can also catch it up on MangaClash.

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