Lore Olympus Chapter 180: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Lore Olympus Chapter 180 is going to release on 10th October 2021, Sunday. Fans of the series are excited about the release of the chapter!!

Rachel Smythe of New Zealand developed Lore Olympus, a romantic webcomic. The comic is a contemporary version of the Greek goddess and deity Persephone’s romance with Hades. In March 2018, it began publishing weekly on the Webtoon platform. Lore Olympus is presently Webtoon’s most popular comic, with 299 million views as of January 2020 and 4.1 million subscribers as of August 2020, according to Webtoon.

The comic got a Harvey Award nomination as well as Eisner and Ringo Award nods, and a television series based on the comic is in the works. On Webtoon, the webcomic is updated weekly, and viewers with the “Webtoon Fast Pass” can view pages ahead of time. By August 2020, 120 episodes had been released, and Smythe stated she had a plan for the series’ conclusion.

About the Series:

Lore Olympus is a series that is a largely contemporary version of the old Greek storey “The Abduction of Persephone.” Modern technology, such as cellphones, sports vehicles, and tabloids, are included in the comics. Scenes in the world of the mortals, on the other hand, took place during the period of the original myths. Rape, harassment, abuse, and trauma are all prominent topics in the comic.

Hades and Persephone are both interested in each other, but Persephone is still hesitant about the connection because of an earlier storey point in the comic in which she was raped by Apollo. She struggles with her current association as a prospective member and recipient of an academic scholarship from The Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood (TGOEM), a sisterhood of sacred virgin goddesses, in addition to the trauma.

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Zeus, the God-King and younger brother of Hades and Poseidon, is represented as a purple businessman with long straight hair. Zeus is a serial adulterer who is constantly promiscuous. He’s also really conceited. The Six Traitors Dynasty includes Zeus.

Lore Olympus Chapter 180

Lore Olympus Chapter 180 Release Date:

The famous comic series is going to release on 10th October 2021, Sunday.

Where to Read it Online

On the Webtoon, you can read the comic Lore Olympus Chapter 180 legally. Those interested in reading or other comics can do so at the official webtoon page.

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