Second Life Ranker Chapter 101: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Second Life Ranker Chapter 101 is expected to release soon in the upcoming week. Readers can catch manga on Tapis Website.

Second Life Ranker also known as Ranker, lives in a Second Life. It is a fantasy fiction Korean Web Novel and Web Comic written by Korean authors Nong Nong and Sa Doyeon and adapted the same into manhwa/webtoon.

The manga is all about Cha Yeon-woo, who is the main protagonist of the Korean Web Novel. He is a handsome young man with short hair and dark eyes. He is a hardworking and determined person. As an athlete and a part of the army, he is very fit and balanced.

More About Second Life Ranker 

Cha Yeon-woo is the main character in the series. He described his brother as an introverted and weak person, who is so studious. Yeon-woo life is considered as full of tragedies, one after another. His mother became sick when he was a teen, and when she was on the sickbed, his younger brother disappeared. After someday, his mother passed away and there was no news of his brother for five years.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 101

With the Dragon’s authority, he develops blue, golden scales all over his body except his face. He later became a ‘player‘ and reawakened as human blessed after receiving the powers from the pocket watch. In this Chapter, Yeon-woo had to go through the conversation with Edora while reading the book and he is decided to choose Light Inner Cultivation.

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 101 Release Date 

This Korean Web Novel is one of the most popular series among the fans and they are looking forward to the next chapter. Second Life Ranker has gained a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. The manga received a good response in the premiere of just a few episodes and now it’s got a new chapter. So, it’s more likely to air soon in the upcoming week.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 101

Read Manga Online 

The manga is available on the Tapis website as well as You can also catch it up on Manga Clash and Manhua Zone.

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