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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 is about to release on 6th October 2021. Fans are excited about the release of the chapter of this manga.

Ken Wakui is the author and the main illustrator of Tokyo Revengers, a famous Japanese manga series. Since March 2017, Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine has started serializing it. From April to September 2021, Liden Films broadcast an anime television series adaption.

In July 2021, Japan saw the debut of a live-action adaption. The manga had sold more than 40 million copies as of September 2021. In 2020, the manga was awarded Kodansha Manga Award for shonen. The last moments of Draken, who is about to die, are revealed in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225. The strange incident at Rokuhara Tandai Hideout occurs in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 when a gang member punishes 4 men on his own.

Chapter 224 Recap:

In the last chapter, Takeomi inquires if Draken was shot when Senju was listening to Takemichi. She inquires as to how Takeomi is aware of the event. When Takeomi knows Senju has him, he says the s-word. While Senju is questioning Takeomi, Takemichi is still stunned by what transpired. Takeomi responds by saying that they must repay Rokuhara Tandai. Senju is perplexed as to why Takeomi is saying that, and Bekei and his group come.

Takeomi is adamant that now is the moment to act. Senju said she was not in the mood to do that at that time. Takeomi tells her that Draken was slain, and they are unable to move without acting. He reminds Senju that this is a bloodbath, not any competition for first place.

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Later in the chapter, Takeomi declares that he is now he is ready to accept everything that might happen in the future. Rokuhara wrecked everything, according to Senju, because things shouldn’t have turned out this way. Takemichi is erect as if he is a statue. BRAHMAN members were ready to revenge Draken when they heard footsteps.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Release Date:

The famous Japanese manga series is about to release on 6th October 2021.

Where to Read it Online

On other websites, you will be able to read the official Tokyo Revengers website is currently unavailable, but new chapters will be released every week. You can read it by downloading Manga Plus app from the Google play store and also from the Apple store as well.

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