Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 7: Release Date and Watch Online

Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 7 is going to release on September 26, 2021. Fans are eagerly waiting for new episodes.

Chapelwaite is an American horror drama television series created by Jason Filardi and Peter Filardi. It is based on a short story by Stephen King. The series first premiered on August 22, 2021, and has been released in a total of 6 episodes now. It has received positive reviews from the audience because of the amazing plot and thrill that surrounds the show.

Everything you need to know

The story portrays the life of Captain Charles Boone and his family who moves from a small town to a place that was inherited by him from his ancestors. After his wife’s death, he began living in isolation but soon his mind gets occupied by the mysterious deaths in his hometown as well as secrets that his ancestors have kept from him start haunting him. He begins investigating for the truth that his ancestors have never revealed.

In the previous episodes, a dark truth comes up when Captain discovers that every member of his family is cursed with attempting to kill their children. It all started with James Boone tried to kill his daughter Silence when she was stopping him from torturing an innocent man. Later on, Silence also attempted to kill her children and this was followed by Charle’s father who tried to buy his son.

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Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 7

Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date

“De Vermis Mysteriis” is going to release on September 26, 2021. We all are excitedly waiting to discover more about the mysterious past of Boone’s family. It will be fun to discover how Charles will save his family. Well, the wait is over, and “De Vermis Mysteriis” is getting released tomorrow.

Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 7

Where to watch?

You can stream all the episodes of Chapelwaite on Epix Network.

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