Monster 8 Chapter 47: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Monster 8 Chapter 47 is just around the corner and is expected to release soon. The fans are enthusiastically looking forward to its release.

Monster #8 is an extremely popular Japanese Manga comic all over the world. The original Japanese version of the Manga is called “Kaiju No.8”. It is being digitally published for quite some time now. It was released last year in July for the very first time.

Viz Media is a renowned publishing house known for publishing a long-range of manga comics like Monster #8 in English. Monster #8 is a widely acclaimed manga comic due to several reasons, an intriguing premise along with eye-catchy and detailed illustration being the foremost. Here is a glimpse of the fans’ love for Monster #8.

Every chapter of the comic keeps you on the edge and therefore is worth reading at least once. It does not happen often that a manga caters to a variety of audiences and manages to keep them engaged and enthralled throughout, but Monster #8 has been successful in doing so for more than a year now. Naoya Matsumoto is the writer behind the manga and Shueisha is the original Japanese publisher.

About the Story

In Japan, the people are living in fear due to frequent attacks by monsters called, Kaiju. The elite defense unit is entrusted with eliminating them. Mina Ashiro & Kafka Hibino are best mates since childhood. They witnessed the destruction of their hometown by these monsters. Oshiro decides to join the Defense Unit. However, Kafka fails to make into the forces.

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Monster 8 Chapter 47

Kafka develops the power to transform into a beast, which the Security Force dubs “Kaiju No. 8.” When in the avatar, Kafka retains full consciousness, yet achieves superpowers and is now the first monster to elude the Forces.

Monster 8 Chapter 47 Release Date

The release date has not been confirmed till now. However, it is going to be published soon.

Monster 8 Chapter 47

Where to read

You can read all-new chapters of Monster#8 on Viz Media’s website.

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