Case Closed Season 29 Episode 80: Release Date and Watch Online

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 80 will release very soon within a week. Whenever it releases you can watch it on

Case Closed is a very interesting Japanese manga series that is also known as Detective Conan. The manga series is written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama and published by Shogakukan. The anime television series is also based on the same manga that is produced by Michihiko Suwa and Masahito Yoshioka.

Besides this, Junichi Lioka works as a story editor of this series. The anime television series continues from 1996 and till now it’s continuing with great success. This is the 29th season where the franchise released 79 episodes and the 80th is going to release very soon.

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 80

The Plot of the Case Closed

As the name suggests, this is a Japanese detective series where we feel mystery and thriller in every moment. Here we see a high school guy whose name is Jimmy Kudo. He is a very smart boy and loves to solve mysteries. He is later working as a school detective and frequently worked with local police to solve a different mysterious case.

In a sudden case when he investigate in a particular area and suddenly he was attacked by some members of a crime syndicate. They didn’t kill him but they transformed into a child. But here his true identity is completely hidden and that makes the story more interesting. So, this is the basic plot of the story. If you are a manga lover then you should check this anime once. It’s a highly recommend series ever.

Case Closed Season 29 Episode 80 Release Date

Case Closed season 29 episode 80 will release very soon. Till now the franchise has not disclosed any particular release date of this episode. But it may release within the upcoming week.

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Case Closed Season 29 Episode 80

Where to Watch?

You can watch it with English subtitles on Besides this, you can also watch it on Funimation.

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