Making It Australia Season 01 Episode 02: Release Date and Watch Online.

Making It Australia Season 01 Episode 02 is getting released on 15th September 2021. Fans are excited about the upcoming episode.

Making it Australia is an Australian reality show. The show is based on the American reality show Making It. The show hunts for a Master maker across 13 different countries. Who experiment with various materials to come up with a Master’s craft.

Making It Australia Season 01 Episode 02

About American reality show and its connection to Making it Australia. 

Making It is an American reality competition television series. The series is hosted by Amy Poehler along with Nick Offerman. The show premiered on July 31, 2018, on NBC Network. The series focuses on skilled craftspeople having skills in various fields. They compete with each other to get the title of ‘Master Maker’.

Making It Australia Season 01 Episode 02

The winner gets $100,000each a week.  During the competition, they are asked to make two craft projects the ‘Faster Craft’ and the ‘Master craft’. The competitors who win the competition get a patch.

The plot of Making it Australia. 

Three hours are given to the contestants to make a faster version of the craft. Similarly, more hours are given to the contestants to make a better and themed version of the craft. At end of each episode, one contestant is eliminated based on their performance for the master craft. Making it Australia is inspired by the same show Making It.

Making it Australia is hosted by Susie Youssef along with Harley Breen. Both work as comedians. The show gets contestants from 13 different countries on one platform to compete with each other. The competition in the show includes the barn, sewing, woodworking, paper crafts, pottery, carving, and crocheting.

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various craft forms in Making it Australia.  

Other competitions in the show include pyrography, macramé, and lampshade. Award-winning designer Deborah Riley along with paper engineer Benja Harney is judging the show. The show follows a theme for each episode. Which is based on the current trends of crafting and DIY.

Making It Australia Season 01 Episode 02

Making it Australia follows the same format of the Making it shows. The contestants are required to come up with two projects. The winner gets a patch and the title of Master Maker along with $100,000. The show is aired and produced by Network 10.

Making It Australia Season 01 Episode 02 release date. 

Making it Australia just too off with its first season. The second episode of making it Australian is scheduled for release on September 15, 2021. Viewers can watch all the episodes on Network 10, 10, and 10 Play. Along with several other online websites.

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