Tokyo NOT DEAD Confirmed in Money Heist Season 5 and Here’s the Proof

The much-anticipated final season of the popular action-thriller series, Money Heist, premiered on Netflix. However, the streaming service only dropped the first half of the final season and the remaining half is expected to arrive in December, later this year. The first five episodes featured enough drama and action packed scenes to conclude the story. But, the major twist ending involving fan’s favorite character became the highlight of the first half of the final season.

The fifth part has now led to an all-out war between the robbers in red jumpsuit and the government of Spain. In the first part of the final season, fans witnessed a terrifying end of one of their beloved characters. Tokyo aka Silene Oliveira, played by Úrsula Corberó, doesn’t make it out alive following a deadly standoff against Gandia. However, in a series with multiple plot twists, a character is never dead until you see their dead body.

Tokyo may not be dead, and here’s the proof!

The war in the Bank of Spain forced the group into multiple teams. Tokyo was accompanied by Denver and Manila, and they did good job to distract the military forces while others tried to rescue one of their own. Like she did previously, Tokyo yet again pulled one of her daring confrontation with the enemies, but this time she was gunned down before she could defeat her enemy.

A close-up in the final moments showed Tokyo standing against Gandia and his team. Gandia pulled a gun standing over her, but before he could fire, she smiles at him and shows the pins to multiple grenades strapped on her body. The fifth episode ended with a blast, indicating that the character died with it. But fans believe that the character isn’t dead yet.

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Tokyo has been the protagonist of the series since day one, and the heist was shown through her perspective from the first season. She has been narrating the whole story of the thrilling heist. It doesn’t make sense if the character who is narrating the entire story isn’t alive till the end. The answer of her death is still three months away, while fans are hoping Tokyo might survive the terrifying scene some way or other.

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