Simple One Electric Scooter Booking, Price and Launch Date

Simple One Electric Scooter is now in pre-registration and it may officially release within a few weeks of this year.

Electric Scooter, one of the topmost vehicles that are sold in the last one and one and half years. As we all experience a sharp hike in the value of petrol and diesel from the last few months and this is a clear indication that in future the demand for Electric Scooter will more.

To understand this demand and needs of the customer another Indian company named “Simple Energy” come up with a brand new electric scooter named Simple One electric Scooter. So, in today’s article, we gonna talk about the price, launch date, and many more regarding this scooter. So, if you are interested to know more about it then go through the whole article and I hope you get all the answers about it.

Features and Specifications of Simple One Electric Scooter

Simple One Electric Scooter is another Indian manufactured electric vehicle which is going to release by the company Simple Energy. The company already release some initial photos and features of this scooter and from this, we can say this gonna be another beast two-wheeler electric vehicle.

As per the claims of the company, this scooter can travel almost 236 km with a single charge and 203 km if you run it on Eco mode. If we look around the market then we find this is the best range provide by any electric scooter till now. Here you get a 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery which is also removable.

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But when we talk about electric scooters then the first thing that comes to our mind that what is their charging time is? As per the claims of the company, you can charge it with the home charger and it takes about 2.75 hours to charge 0 to 80 percent. Besides this, you can charge it from the public charging stations within a few minutes.

The company aims to install over 300 charging stations in the 13 states of the country within 7-8 months. Till now the scooter is available in the 13 states of our country including Tamilnadu, Kerala, Telengana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and many more.


So, if you want to buy this beast electric scooter then you can pre-register it. That means when the scooter will launch you get the scooter within a few days. So, you can pre-register for the scooter by just paying Rs. 1947. You can go to the official website of the company and from there you get the option for pre-registration.

You can also cancel your registration anytime and you get a refund of your money within seven working days.

Price Point of The Scooter

As per the sources and leaks, it comes to know that the showroom price of the base variant of the scooter will be approximately Rs. 1.10 lakh. If there are multiple models then the price will be slightly going up or down.

Launch Date of this Scooter

So, till now just the pre-registration started. And the company till now declared any particular release date of it. So, it’s expected that it may release within one or two months this year.

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