Choujin X Chapter 7: Release Date, & Read Manga Online.

Choujin X Chapter 7 is scheduled for release on 6th September. The series is launched very recently and getting popular among readers.

About Choujin X manga series. 

is it a Japanese action supernatural manga series? The series is written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. The series is serialized on the Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website. Which is published on the platform in English. The same has been made available in English on Viz Media along with Manga Plus. On the manga platform, the series is available in 3 various languages which include Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. The series follows an irregular release schedule.

The manga is based on the life of Azuma Higashi. He is a very popular boy having immense fighting skills. Besides that, he has great knowledge of justice. He Is also good at studies and gets good grades in class. We can say that he is born with multi-talents. On the other hand, Azuma’s friend Tokio Kurohara is completely the opposite of him. He ignores all the class lessons and when Azuma fights, he is a bystander. Despite being 2 poles apart their friendship and bond are very strong.

Choujin X Chapter 7

They stay in Yamato Prefecture the place which is destroyed by Choujins. Who is born with supernatural powers? On their way home, they are threatened by Choujins who want to kill them. Having no way to escape they turn into choujins.

Choujin X chapter 7 release date and more. 

The series began serializing recently this year. The chapter release follows a very irregular pattern and completely depends on the writer. At times one chapter is released per month or week. So far, a new chapter was released in a month and this time too it’s likely to follow the same pattern. So can expect the new chapter somewhere in the next month. The next chapter is likely to get released on 6th September 2021.

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Choujin X Chapter 7

So far in the previous chapters, we have seen that Tokio decided to leave alone. Later he releases the fact that how dependent he was on his friend. He struggles to find a way to return to his human form. He can talk to birds and that’s one of his Choujin skills.

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