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Berserk Chapter 364 is expected to be released in a couple of months. Beruseruku or Berserk is a Japanese manga series created by Kentaro Miura.

The series was first aired in 1989 in Monthly Animal House which is now an obsolete magazine by Hakusensha. Later replaced by the semimonthly magazine Young Animal, in 1992, where series it is now published. However, in May 2021, Miura died of aortic dissection, so it is still unclear whether Berserk will be continued or not.

The plot begins in a medieval Europe-esque place, which is inspired by a dark fantasy-like realm. The story unfolds around the main characters like, a lone mercenary named guts, and the leader of a mercenary crew called the “Band of the Hawk” who identifies as Griffith.

Berserk Chapter 364


Berserk Chapter 364 release Date

Chapter 364 of the Berserk Manga has not been published yet, which was supposed to come out first in January, later February. And then it was compromised to let the release take place in June but there’s still no news. Berserk’s every chapter, unfailingly, fascinates the reader’s hearts and minds.

Furthermore, the cliffhangers at the end of each chapter are so captivating that they leave fans hooked up for weeks waiting for ore to unfold. Ever since Miuri’s death, updates regarding Berserk have remained unpredictable. Even before the news of the artist’s death, Berserk had been known for its long hiatus between chapters.

The Berserk Fandom is one of the oldest fandoms in the history of manga. They also understand the production house’s concerns in this regard as these have been tough times for everyone.

What Happens in Berserk Chapter 364

Explaining Berserk’s plot, which is very dense and complex; to a friend isn’t the hardest thing but, to know where to begin the plot, so that they understand it. As there are numerous routes through which you can travel through the plot, all worth jumping into.

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“Black Swordsman,” a former mercenary who is originally known as Guts is seeking vengeance. He finds someone whom he trusts and believes, who later takes everything dear to him for their own selfish reasons, after suffering through all his childhood. His faith is now sentenced to a lifetime of being chased by hellions.

Guts, now loaded with a huge sword and powers, set out on a cursed journey filled with life-threatening obstacles to behead the one who took humanity away from his and his loved one’s core.

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