Covaxin in Trouble as Brazil’s Health Regulator Cancels Clinical Trails.

Covaxin was left in the middle of clinical trials for unknown reasons, although in early 2021 the Brazilian government has temporarily stopped the clinical trails of this particular vaccine for Covid-19 but again on Monday 26 July 2021 Brazil’s Health Regulator, Anvisa announced Covaxin was permanently shut down for further clinical trails.

Covaxin in Trouble as Brazil's Health Regulator cancels clinical trails.

Covaxin By Bharat Biotech

As we are aware the Covaxin is a vaccine for Covid-19 disease by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The bottom line of vaccines is to fight against the disease. The efficacy of Covaxin is not at all satisfying as it was confined to just 64% of efficacy against virus and 65% efficacy against the new delta variant.

Bharat Biotech vs Brazil government

In February 2020 Bharat Biotech have made a contract with Brazilian companies, Precisa Medicamentos and Envixia Pharmaceuticals. However, it was reported that Percisa was representing the Bharat Biotech in Brazil and additionally it also provides support and guidance for the Phase 3 clinical trials.

Covaxin in Trouble as Brazil's Health Regulator cancels clinical trails.

Moreover, Bharat Biotech was allegedly accused of irregularities and on the other side, it stated that it never received advanced funds from the Brazilian government which is the origin of controversy.

It all started when the Brazilian government was ignorant concerning the prevalent corruption and the other reason that Bharat Biotech has stated it never received funds for manufacturing the vaccine which they were agreed to, and now this is in hands of authorities, later it would be confirmed whether Bharat Biotech would continue to work with Brazilian government or terminated permanently.

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Bharat Biotech has stated they have been working with other countries in the same way dealing with Brazil, in fact, they denied the allegations of corruption. There is no way that no company would manufacture the product without adequate resources in the same way it denied supplying the vaccine to Brazil due to lack of financial resources.

Bharat Biotech has been involved in various controversies too, as issues were hampering the quality of data. In spite, of the allegations Bharat Biotech would continue to work with ANVIS to complete the regulatory approval process, we must wait and see the further steps of both parties.

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