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Iruma- Kun Chapter 214: Release Date and Read Manga Online

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Iruma kun was shocked and confused to see that rest of the students in the class were looking different from what they used to be. All of them have received gifts from their masters, Iruma was also excited to know what kind of gift he would get. Iruma- Kun Chapter 214 will be released soon so, read on to find more details.

So, Iruma Kun was adopted by a demon, as soon as his parents sold him to the demon, he was supposed to live with the demon for the rest of his life without revealing his identity in the demon world. Eventually, he was adopted to the situations in the demon world, embrace people there.

Iruma Kun Chapter 214 release date

Previous chapter 213 was released on 30 July 2021, actually, Iruma Kun was scheduled to release weekly on Weekly Shonen Champion magazine in 2017. Fans are supposed to wait for the next 6 days so, be patient until its release, this particular chapter 214 would be released on 30 July 2021.

Where to read Iruma Kun manga

Fans could read on Weekly Shonen champion magazine and also the manga is available online on readkomik.com, marimashitairuma-kun.com, and on Viz Media. The concept of manga is straightforward, easy to understand keeping it simple with its simple themes.

Chapter 213

As soon as Iruma Kun enters the class he observes something unusual and it was present from their master. All were excited about the gifts, and they were checking on others whether their gifts match or not.

Iruma- Kun Chapter 214: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The same very day in the morning soi soi has received a present from ” The Venus of love and music “, for completing her first year. the gift was delivered by pigeons, without its traces where it came from.

However, the scene shifts to other students discussing why the gifts were given to all of them now of all time, which was something weird. Iruma Kun replies it is something we must be happy about, rest of the students were puzzled by his response.

Raim sensei and Vepar were having a conversation about the students, they argue about the quality of competition must be incorporated in students for their success, Raim told that Not just the competition is enough for success they must be guided and taught by the perfect teacher.

Finally, the chapter ends with students were happy as they are going to enter the second year and hoping what is best there for them in the upcoming year.

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