Twitter Rolls Out Automated Captions for Voice Tweets Year After Its Launch

Are you a regular user of the social media platform Twitter then may you face a problem with the voice tweets. Recently Twitter announced that they will be going to resolve this problem of their users very soon.

So, if you are interested to know about this new automated captions feature then definitely you have to read this whole article. After reading the whole one, I hope you get all the necessary information regarding this feature and are also able to activate this feature very easily. So, let’s begin with the main topic without wasting any more time.

Twitter Rolls Out Automated Captions for Voice Tweets Year After Its Launch

About this new Automated Captions feature

The famous social media platform Twitter recently launched a new feature which is named the Automated Captions feature. But if we see in the past, then we see this is not a very new concept or idea. In the previous year, we saw Twitter release almost the same kind of update where we see voice tweets features. By using this feature you can easily send a voice recorder tweet to someone. Though the update was pretty good due to a proper caption feature, it’s not very much useful.

But now, Twitter learned from past mistakes and now comes with the automated caption feature. By using this feature now you can see the translated form of the tweet in your own language. You can see this as a caption that appeared on your screen.

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Twitter Rolls Out Automated Captions for Voice Tweets Year After Its Launch

In which languages do you see the captions?

The system supports some popular languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic. But in the future, the authority may introduce many more languages as per the requirement.

How to activate the feature?

The activation of this feature is very much easy. You can active it by clicking on the top right corner of the voice tweet Window and then tap on the CC button. That’s how you can activate this new feature.


You can download this update from the app store of your phone. This update is available now only for iOS, but the update for Android is still not available. But the update for Android will be available soon.

So, that’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest update.


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