Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon maid Season 2 Episode 2 release date , spoilers ,where to watch.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon maid has gained attention and support from its fans within just a few weeks of its release and went on hiatus for 3 years, again the saga continues with its second season. Season 2 has been aired from 8th July 2021 and without any further delay let’s find out the details of an upcoming episode.

Official Trailer of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon maid season 2 



Where to watch Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid 

Remember that you could watch this show only on Crunchyroll and other streaming platforms like Netflix, Funimation has not yet licensed the show. Nevertheless, it is also available on the youtube channel, LOPEKA.

Miss Kobayashi’s dragon season 2 episode 1 recap

TOHRU( dragon disguised as a human) was furious by seeing the advertisement in the newspaper that maids from the CAFE declare themselves as the best maids in the world. Immediately after knowing this, she was determined to see the end of the other maids.

In the twist of events, TOHRU was hired at the CAFE, and the people at CAFE have fallen for her confidence, right now it is a win-win situation. Kobayashi who was worried a little at first, eventually accepted TOHRU’s decision and warned about the service industry as it gets harder as the days pass by.

Kobayashi visits the CAFE where TOHRU was working, she was shocked to see how perfect TOHRU was. It is a pity that TOHRU quits their job at CAFE as she no longer wants to work there and wishes to be only Kobayashi’s maid.

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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon maid Season 2 Episode 2 release date , spoilers ,where to watch.

Same-day in the evening TOHRU read comments by customers commenting over the internet that she is a great chef rather than a great maid which made TOHRU angry. The scene shifts to the revelation of another dragon belong the Wing of chaos faction, ILLULU.

ILLULU loves to destroy and TOHRU trying to save the city but was dangerously injured in a fight with ILLULU. ILLULU was curious to know how did TOHRU manage to live with humans. On that same very night, she follows Kobayashi and inquires why is she living with dragon.

When will season 2, episode 2 is released?

It is time to reveal when will the episode of the season to would be released, it is going to release on 15th July 2021. In this episode, ILLULU might try to understand the humans and although she is evil, she might give it a try living with humans.

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