One-Punch Man Season 3 Weirdest Monster Just Unleashed His Grossest Attack

The battle with the monster guild in One Punch Man will of course lead to strange monsters: an ugly but annoying ugly leader, a calm and composed wandering emperor, so even a completely different monster petrified by him is very dangerous. , Inferior natural water.

One-Punch Man Season 3 Updates

However, this monster is understood as black sperm, mainly abbreviated as black sperm, and launched an extreme movement in Chapter 144 (domestic release), aiming to stand out from the most terrifying. history. He is undoubtedly a formidable opponent, and can flexibly cope and deal with various small bodies even before the hero appears.

One-Punch Man Season 3 Weirdest Monster Just Unleashed His Grossest Attack

When the Atomic Samurai swings his sword at the monster, his actions are only to help him reproduce, because every part becomes a whole new body, but smaller. Superalloy Blackluster may be the most imposing hero, he has the easiest achievement to avoid it, and the black sperm seems to be terribly enhanced by sharing the color scheme.

After all, their bodies are so well-dressed that various heroes have to get along with Bang and tired Tatsumaki. In fact, although the fighting subsided, many opponents were not enough to stop this. The black sperm is low enough to be upset anywhere.

One-Punch Man Season 3 Monsters

In a heartbreaking battle, Black’s sperm announced their intention to maximize their reproductive potential and “swallow everything in the tide of excess sperm.” The monster split into several bodies that were only a few centimeters in size, as if they had become liquid, and continued to clear the battle area. Interestingly, no hero was shocked by this attack.

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One-Punch Man Season 3 Weirdest Monster Just Unleashed His Grossest Attack

The black spirit tidal attack is difficult to control for extreme sports, but it is split, which means a high price for many people: all bodies are small and unlikely to cause real damage, mostly strong. Heroes like Blackluster.

The homeless emperor realized that there were more and more corpses, and began to disagree with each other. Many corpses chose the best strategy and reunited into a huge form. The threat is smaller than before because the corpses are or may not be in their smallest place. Currently, if they are cut one by one, they cannot be copied.

The A-level hero Spring Barbel exploded his steel and hit the real surface of the world, causing multiple corpses to overflow into the newly formed valley, obviously losing their way.

The threat of black sperm is not over, but at least human steel has found a way to deal with it while maintaining its most legitimate attack. There is a lot of evidence that black sperm may have occurred. However, as long as there is no control, the additional clothes she can use will not be rougher in shape and type than the tidal waves discussed in OnePunch Man in this chapter.

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