Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date, and Everything You Need to Know

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date. One of the most popular anime releases this season, Tokyo Revengers is already stirring up for its much-rumored release of Season 2. Even though the First Season isn’t over yet, there are high chances and speculation about whether there will be a second season or not. With its high rating of Season 1, fans can’t wait to look forward to more! Let’s know more about its release and story details.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

We still don’t know much about its release date but It is said that the Season may have a total of 24 episodes in a double cour, which means it will run for constant 6 months, in short, the series would be airing within two anime seasons this year, both spring and summer with no three-month break in between.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Expected Release Date

It is said that Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has the chance of its release sometime near in late 2022 or mid-2023.  A few sources guarantee that LIDENFILMS has already been working on its new series. The Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release date could release soon, but that’s only possible when its first season will complete on Crunchyroll as the announcement is only possible after that! Till then we have to wait for its further updates.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Plot

The story revolves around a boy named Takemichi Hanagaki who went through a lot during his childhood days, due to his lack of confidence, bullying from his other schoolmates and his seniors, dealing with consistent embarrassment he lost his own importance and his spirit, But it was not always like that, there was a time when he was totally confident Along with school friends, he used to challenge other boys from another school for a battle or a fight. Takemichi confidently hurries into a fight without being afraid. (Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date)

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He had a girlfriend when he was 14 years of age, Hinata Tachibana. For Takemichi, this is all in the far-off past now. Presently he is a 26-year-old kid, a pawn in neighborhood gangsters living his new gangsta life but suddenly everything went upside down when he saw something shocking on T V… Takemichi discovered that a similar young lady, his young school girlfriend Hinata, had passed away with his young sibling.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

Driven by his memories, with the horrendous news about the passing of Hinata, when he comes to reality he sees himself on the train tracks out of a sudden. Just before dying few seconds before he thought about her girlfriend once more. He comes to the sudden realization of the fact, that he time traveled into the past on this day when he was 12 years old.

When trying to understand the whole situation, Takemichi realizes that he has now the option to move from the past to the present and back again to the past just by a handshake with Naoto Tachibana. Now he has the chance to fix his past by keeping his dear girlfriend far from dying and. However, how does he do that? Will he succeed? Will he be able to change himself? Well, it should all start with himself first! (Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date)

Main characters

  • Takemichi Hanagaki – a 26-year-old boy; constant embarrassment made him a detached, fainthearted, low confidence individual; when he gets reawakened as a 14-year-old youngster, he decides to change his useless life, to turn into a solid soul not let his friends and his girlfriend die; turns into a pioneer and fights against the bullies but constantly faults himself for the passing of Hinata Tachibana.
  • Hinata Tachibana –a merry, mindful, sweet student, sweetheart of Takemichi, who will die when she is 12 years; prepared to defend Takemichi, not in any event, fearing the heads of the hoodlum bunch.
  • Naoto Tachibana –Hinata’s young sibling; because of him Takemichi is able to time travels through a handshake with him; Takemichi asks him to lend him all the information about when he and his sister would die. (Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date)
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What to Expect from Season 2?

We can expect for season one that the Plot will revolve around the main protagonist of the series, Tamekichi. He definitely first needs to fix his past self in order to protect his girlfriend and her brother from dying. However, how will he do that? Likewise, how he changes himself. Numerous interesting things are left to be realized which can be anticipated in Season 2.



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