Pokemon 2019 Episode 73: Release Date, Discussion, and Watch Online

Pokémon 2019 is taking a break, and the next cutscene will be announced immediately in July. The experience of Go and Satoshi is far from over. They conquer the world by collecting and smashing Pokémon to achieve their goals. He even had illusions about fighting against the great ruler of Dande. I dream of getting a magical Mew Pokémon after every Pokémon. The history of Go and Satoshi. The scene begins in Hodomeo, the local town of Issue.

pokemon 2019 Episode 73: Release Date, Discussion, and Watch Online

Pokemon 2019 Episode 73 Release Date

Pokemon 2019 Episode 73 Release Date is July 9, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST. You can watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 73 online on Netflix. Satoshi and Go appeared in Hodomeo City to investigate new rumors. Pokémon. The couple contacted a sales representative who said that the story was not true. Satoshi heard about the new development from Stuff.

A sales representative discovered that he had come up with a funny joke to promote the store. Go receives information about audience performances. The seller replied that he painted these plasters and showed them life-size objects, just like in Ishhu’s declaration of fame. Satoshi Nakamoto was disappointed, this is not his opinion.

pokemon 2019 Episode 73: Release Date, Discussion, and Watch Online

The Rockets rest in town and enjoy good things. They also succumbed to the tricks of revelation. Musashi blamed Kojiro for never verifying the accuracy of the report, so they came to Ishu and asked for delicious food. Musashi pointed out that she needed Giri and Nyart to irritate them because they couldn’t express themselves clearly.

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Seeing the two people, Kojiro couldn’t help but step forward, saying that Xiaochun and Ivey admired the city landscape, while Xiaochun said that the city’s Hodomoe market is great. These two incidents angered Guo and Satoshi Nakamoto and doubted whether they passed the exam.

Previously on Pokemon 2019 Episode 72

Pokémon 2019 Episode 72 was titled “The Panic in the Underground Labyrinth”. Satoshi Nakamoto told Xiaochun that the exam was over and they were arguing about shopping. Xiaochun explained how she felt when shopping, and Satoshi Nakamoto replied that Xiaochun was like that. Seeing the two pale, Xiaochun thought about what had happened. Kojiro saw that Musashi and Nyart were still unable to spell correctly and showed them to the boys. Musashi told Kojiro that she would not succumb to this trick.

pokemon 2019 Episode 73: Release Date, Discussion, and Watch Online
However, they are happy to find out that she is a young hooligan. The three watched Koharu, Go, and Santoshi wakes up near the business park. Nadiya offered to get Pikachu, and Sonarsu agreed. Later, Go, Satoshi and Koharu began to appreciate the hospitality of their Pokémon. Guo said that they came here to buy sweets. Sarunori and Evi saw the passage and signed their owners. Xiaozhi looked around and saw an underground maze. Yiwei and the monkey jumped into the corridor, Gao decided to follow.


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