All You Need to Know PUBG Mobile India Release Date

It’s been quite some time when India banned PUBG and this article will tell you all about the PUBG mobile India release date and a huge amount of players who just lost their favorite game. There were millions of Indian players in the game and some of them made their name because of the game. There was a time when the game was at its peak in India and people were playing it night and day. There were local tournaments as well as there were big tournaments which were organized by the game itself for the top-level players of India and with a huge money price. Some players made their name on youtube with more than a million subscribers only because they started streaming this game. It was all over the place.

All You Need to Know PUBG Mobile India Release


We saw, on the 17th of June, the game was launched at the play store, but not the full version ut a beta version so that the payers can test the game, as well as the makers, can see the cons and pros. There was a slot of who pre-register and those who did in that time frame were accepted to play it. I was one of the chosen players to play the new Pubg mobile that has been made specifically for Indians. The game as I said is in beta version.

All You Need to Know PUBG Mobile India Release


Quite honestly, nothing has changed much since it was banned. We can see the game has improved in its graphics and design. It can also run on phones which can’t handle good graphics. There have been some changes in the map of the game but the layout is the same. The colors of the game have been improved and also their sound is different from the original one. This has a more realistic approach than the original game.

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All You Need to Know PUBG Mobile India Release


There is no official release date announced by Krafton or any officials from the game. The game will probably be released in August or September. The release date is directly connected with the tome it will ake them to test the game. The download file of the game is almost 800 MB which is very less than the original game. After you have downloaded the game and pen to download the extra files, you will be asked to download a lower version or the higher version.

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