Tokyo Revengers Episode 10 : Release Date, Spoilers and Watch Online

The Action Anime series Tokyo Revengers is about a man with 0 percent hope in his life and teleports twelve years back when he was pushed from the train . Anime Television series is adopted from the original Manga, TV series is directed “KOICHI HATSUMI ” and Produced by the” LIDEN FILM STUDIOS “.

This manga is now a best-selling title in japan and even outselling the popular , huge names such as One piece and Attack on titan: Final Volume. The original Manga is written by KEN WAKUI and serialized in Weekly SHONEN Magazine since 2017 and it wasn’t popular by then now it is huge hit in the Japan Market .

WHEN WILL EPISODE 10 IS RELEASED ? and where to watch

Finally, exciting news for the Tokyo Revenge lovers that 10 Episode is scheduled to release on Saturday June 13 2021. The title of this Episode is ” Rerise “, each and every episode opens with the theme song “Cry Baby ” which sang by pop group ” HIGE DANDISM ” .The anime is premiered in the following networks MBC , TV TOKYO , TV AICHI ,TVQ , TV h ,AT-X , QAB , TSK , RKK. The full episodes are available with English subtitles on ” CRUNCHYROLL and YOUTUBE “.


The previous 9th is very interesting , and episode follows with TAKEMICHI is caught by the evil gang called MOEBIUS and they tie him up , one of the group members tells that they would blame everything all at once on him when he dies , later the gang go away as it rains. however TAKEMICHI is saved by HINA .

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TAKECHI and MITSUYA assume that DRAKEN was attacked and search for DRAKEN. While in the process of searching they both had a talk about PEH believes that TOMAN has abandoned PAH . They finally find the DRAKEN and he is fighting alone with MOEBIUS gang. suddenly a motor bike’s echo could he heard and it is none other than MIKEY’s BOBBER .

In the next scene MOEBIUS’s SHUJI HANMA enters and he stuns everybody by blocking MICKEY’s attack . All the efforts go in vain that hundred of MOEBIUS gang are gathered at the spot . as a surprise help from MANJI members sufficient to attack the 100 opponents. PEH is heartbroken and he understands the PAH’s situation . The Episode has a very terrible sad ending and DRAKEN is found drowning in water with full blood.

In the 10th Episode all the team members would fight against the MOEBIUS gang  and they are determined to fight the evil gang. MIKEY would tell to TAKEMICHI to look after the DRAKEN . TAKEMICHI is also filled with determination and he would also fight against them in order to save DRAKEN , HINA and his beloved gang.


Basically the plot revolves around protagonist TAKEMICHI , who can teleport and can go back time , he take this an opportunity to save his EX-girlfriend , try to prevent DRAKEN’S death and he come back to present he comes to know that HINATA would still die irrespective his efforts.

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