Studio” A Production ” Earns National Television Award for its work Jo Jo and Gran Gran: It’s Time To go to Hairdresser’s

Animations series or movies portray the emotional and warm bonding between the characters and attract the viewers by its eye pleasing settings . Jo Jo and Gran Gran is one among those series . The show is about a Five year girl and her grand mother , while Jo Jo’s parents away for working , she is looked after by her Grand mother.

A Production has recognized by National Television Awards for its amazing series filled theme oriented script and its lively characters and beautiful setting.  The show was hosted Virtually by TV Presenter CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN.


JO JO is a 5 year old , adventures , active and only daughter to her parents , while they’re off to work .she was looked after by her granny. Jo Jo is very active that she drew a lovely picture and she insists to video call her great grand gran to show the picture however the network gives the trouble and the gran tells her to mail the picture.

Granny teach Jo Jo the St Lucian Culture and heritage , in this process in the episode of 6 Jo Jo  learns how to make their family recipe , St Lucian Banana Bread , not just the bread she also learns the complex , Traditional St Lucian  Dance. the series is collaborative work by BBC Children’s In House productions and A Productions .

The series PRE-School Animation is based on the real life experiences by Laura Henry -Allain , she has recorded  her childhood adventures in her hometown in West London. she have wrote The Childhood Picture Books Jo Jo and Gran Gran.

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The Jo Jo and Gran Gran is the United Kingdom’s children Television Series is aired form 16 March 2020  in CBEEBIES , Children’s Television channel owned and operated by BBC and Nick CLACKETT is the director of the series. Jo Jo is voiced by TAIYA SAMUEL , CATHY TYSON gave voice for the character Granny .

A Production Studio 

The studio is team consisting 150 members in Bristol , studio excelled in the field of performing Arts , specialized in Traditional and digital 2D Stop frame , CGI and AFX. It is widely known for producing the amazing content for children for Broadcast.

the series won the National television Award won for category Best Pre-School Program in 2021 and  Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran is nominated for RTS Program Awards children’s Program Category.

BBC In-house Productions have announced that the second and third seasons are set to air during 2022.

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