Quentin Tarantino Answers to all the Criticism on New Joe Rogan’s Podcast:

Quentin Tarantino is Hollywood’s most controversial director in today’s time. He has always in the news for some controversial thing he said or portrayed or showed or filmed. He also doesn’t interact with that criticism which is justified to some extent. His films have been criticized for being violent and his characters use n-words and being harsh on women. But you can’t really take those allegations seriously as pointed out by the director himself. He recently went on to the famous Joe Rohan podcast to promote his new book and there he addressed the critics.


His answer to this criticism was that he never think the character as a man or woman. He gave his example like if there was a man in place of the character of Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight, and he was getting thrashed by the character of Kurt Russell, then no one will say anything. And the story is set in the 1800s, at that time there was no mortality among men. They won’t even think before hitting a woman. And the character of Jennifer Jason Leigh is as cruel as any man in that cottage. She is a sister of one of the most wanted gang leaders of that time and that’s why the violence took place.


The daughter of Bruce Lee criticized Quentin Tarantino for the portrayal of her father in his movie, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. But I agree with Quentin Tarantino. He said that if there was a fight between Bruce Lee and Cliff Booth in real life. Bruce Lee will totally defeat Cliff Booth who is portrayed by Brad Pitt in his movie. But Cliff Booth being an army man, tricked the character of Bruce Lee when he fought him the first time. He could have defeated Bruce Lee in a fight of Life and Death.

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He also addressed his retirement. He said he is going to retire after his 10th movie. On the top of his game. But before he will put the camera the last time, he has two books and two plays in his mind that he wants to write and direct.

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