A Sexual Abuse LawSuit by Gucci’s Granddaughter : an Unexpected Plot Twist

Gucci, an influential and innovative Italian-based fashion brand, has been producing best Luxury products for almost a century. It was established by GUCCIO GUCCI in 1921 initially at Florence, Italy. Apart from being the world’s best Fashion Brand, the Company has also earned fame for its unpredictable dark history.

A Lawsuit filed by Alexandra ZARINI in September 2020

ZARINI , is the Heiress and one of the granddaughters of Aldo GUCCI exposed the horrific dark side of her family. she has filed a Lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court making allegations on her former stepfather Joseph RUFFALO. She said that she was sexually abused by him since she was 6 years old while she was living in Beverly Hills.

The Lawsuit also includes ZARINI accusing her mother PATRICIA GUCCI  too for enabling the ex-husband’s alleged molestation. Not just her mother also her grandmother for knowing the wrongdoings of her son-in-law yet making ZARINI keep silent.

When ZARINI was you PATRICIA divorced ZARINI’S father and married RUFFALO, a music manager, along with RUFFALO, she moved with her daughters to live in California. SO what the allegation says would be understood as we progress.

As per the reports obtained by The New York Times, The court filing says that              ” Defendant would remove his bathrobe, so he was completely naked, and climb into bed with the plaintiff”. The allegations also include that the abuse didn’t stop when she was young but continued still she was a teenager. Nonetheless of the allegations she was constantly abused by him and also encouraged her to do drugs, She opened up that she remembered using COCAINE and crystal meth.

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Now talking about the defendant’s point of view, RUFFALO’s Lawyer Richard responded to the allegations saying that ” My client has not been served and has not read the complaint” he even spoke about the mental well-being that they had to take action on her mental instability, instead it didn’t work as well.

PATRICIA, is definitely not a perfect mother, if she was conscious about her ex-husband this wouldn’t have happened . she has responded to this allegation apologizing ZARINI that ” I’m deeply sorry for the pain Joseph RUFFALO caused Alexandra. what he did to her is inexcusable and I was devastated when she has disclosed everything to me at our family doctor’s office in London in 2007.


PATRICIA and her mother BRUNA had filed a ” motion to quash service of summons  ” on April 26 2021 as a counter-attack to ZARINA. They responded that RUFFALO was in fact abusive yet they deny ZARINI’s allegations of collusion.

However, the California Court lacks the power to judge as the Gucci family live in Switzerland and PALOMBO lives in Italy, as the report includes that neither the family nor PALOMBO were aware of this sexual abuse also that ZARINI told her younger sister not to reveal the abuse, especially to her mother.

GUCCI -LOSIO, sister of ZARINI told that she didn’t know that her sister would bring legal action upon her mother and grandmother and even told they were actually aware the sexual abuse by her stepdad. LOSIO even accused her sister she is using this Lawsuit to get money from her family. However, the California court has set the date on August 20 to hear “GUCCI’s Motion to quash service of summons.” 

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