Bad Batch Episode 9: Release Date, Time, Promo and Watch Online

An American animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch so far have finished streaming 8 episodes and 9th episode of the series is set to get streamed on 25th June 2021. in the last episode the reunion of the Clone Force 99 and the former member was depicted that turned the Empire puppet crosshair. This reunion had nothing happy to offer. On Bracca the Bad Batch steals weapons left behind on the Jedi cruiser to settle their debt with cid.

Bad Batch Episode 9 –  Release Date And Time 

9th episode of the Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be getting released on 25th June, 2021 at around 3 am ET. The series is streamed by Disney+. This season consist of 16 episodes with each episode getting streamed every Friday. Bad Batch is a Disney+ original series will be available only to the prime members.

In the 9th episode will pick up the story from the last episode and. The group will have to take a quirk move and save the Clone by stopping Omega from getting delivered to the Kaminoans. fans also took forward to see more from Cad Bane’s character.

The previous titled ‘Reunion’ episode opens with Kamino and the Admiral Rampart is warned about the whereabouts of the Bad Batch also known as the Clone Force 99. Crosshair was ordered by Admiral Rampart to obliterate the group. kaminoans warn Admiral with regards to this decision as Bad Batch is a very valuable asset for them. They fear of Omega not returning because of which Kaminoans decide of recruiting another bounty hunter.

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Weapons from the Jedi Cruiser are stolen by the Bad Batch which was left behind by Jedi Cruiser to settle debt with Cid. They carry their smuggling mission but by that time the Crosshair lands on the planet. Through the proximity almas Bad Batch gets a warning about the imperials Ships. The Crosshair also gets stolen by the troop army by jamming their comms.

In spite of all this Crosshair finds Bad Batch who gets cornered in the engine room. Bad Batch plans to decide to escape but guess what Crosshair knew about their plans and hence they used explosives in order to escape. But as soon as they get out they are faced by cowboy-style bounty hunters. who dies in a fight and Omega is taken away safely.

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