86 Episode 12 or Special Episode: Is it the end?

The finale of anime is very hard to accept for the fans and especially when they are cliffhangers. The same happened with 86, episode 11 premiered on June 20, 2021, ended with the tragic accident that happened with the 86 squad. All of the members lie unconscious after the attack from Legion. Everyone is severely injured. Is that their end? The fate might be overturned in the special episode airing on June 27, 2021, or are they dead? Fans might also have to wait for part 2.

Special Episode

Broadcasting on Saturday, June 27, 2021, a Special episode of series 86 is titled “The Poppies Bloom Red on the Battlefield”. Fans have a little hope in which they might see a way to escape for the squad but if it is not, then you might have to wait for part 2.

86 Episode 12 or Special Episode: Is it the end?

86 Season 1 Part 2

The Blu-Ray/DVD page has already confirmed that season 1 would have 11 episodes in its first part. It has also been confirmed by their official Twitter account that the first season will be a split-cour anime. A split-cour is when a single anime season takes a multi-month break before broadcasting and the anime is divided into two parts. Though the release date of the second part is still unknown, we might expect its return this year. The anime fans on Twitter claim that Shirabii, a light novel illustrator, tweeted about the release of the second part in October 2021. But, it would be considered as a rumor until the official announcement. We can hope that the special episode might give a hint about the release of part 2.

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86 Episode 12 or Special Episode: Is it the end?

The number of episodes in part 2 is still unknown. But, the Chinese streaming service, iQIYI has labeled a total of 23 episodes in season 1, indicating 86 part 2 would have 12 episodes. It is still unclear.

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