Who is Roman Reigns Wife? Galina Becker and Everything About Her You Need to Know

We all know who Roman Reigns is. He is most popular among teenagers and adults who are into wrestling. He is one of the best. But today we are not here to talk about Roman Reigns, we are here to talk about his wife Galina Becker. He has been an internet sensation forever. People want to know about her. She is beautiful and full of secrets. Even articles about Roman Reigns, articles that talk specifically about his career, do not forgets to mention his wife Galina Becker. And that’s why she was among the top, with Roman Reigns.

Who is Roman Reigns Wife?

But it’s not like her life is a secret. It’s quite public and today that’s why we are here. To tell you guys about her life. Not the whole orchestra but a little Synopsys do no hurt. And that’s why you clicked on the article too, to know about her. Of course, she has achievements and not just a wife of a wrestler. That’s, not her identity. he is much more than that. So, let’s tell you guys about her life, career, relationship, and everything she stands for.


On the 11th of March, 1987, Galina Becker was born in the family of Kevin and Mildred Becker. She was their third child. She was born in Jacksonville, a city in Florida. As we said, she was the third child, she has two elder sisters. Name of the sisters areMalisa Cooper & Undine Becker. And some say because of Undine, because of Undine’s interest in athletics, Galina also took interest in athletics and won many competitions in her school life. She was particularly interested in long jumps. And this interest of her led her to be trained by Steve Nelson and she goes on to win many medals for this game and her college.

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For further studies, she chose GIT as her college. She also met Roman Reigns in this college too. She played athletics for many years till the last year, when she dropped out because of her positive. But after her studies, her interest started in modeling and she chooses it as her career and went on to work with maestro Michael Krinke for the lifestyle magazine.


As we have already told, Roman Reigns and Galina Becker met at GiIT and fell in love there. They met because they both were part of the athletic team in college. They started dating and in 2008, we’re blessed with a daughter. They called her Joelle. At this time Galina left athletics because her body was not strong enough to continue her training. In 2014, they both married each other. They had another baby in 2016.

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