Who is Beau Biden? Joe Biden’s Eldest Son, Career And Death Explained

Beau Biden is President Joe Biden’s favorite and eldest son. Beau Biden was an American politician, lawyer, and officer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps from Wilmington, Delaware. He also served as the 44t Attorney General of Delaware and was a major in the Delaware Army National Guard. One of the most tragic moments of Joe Biden’s life was when he Beau to brain cancer at 46 in 2015.

Beau Biden and his career.

Beau Biden was Joe Biden’s eldest son amongst his 3 sons from his first wife. The son who followed his father’s footsteps into his career service served as the attorney general of Delaware and was preparing for the run for governor when he lost his life. Unlike his brother Hunter, he lived a fairly scandal-free life. He was a major presence on the campaign trails in 2008 and 2012 when his father ran as President Barack Obama’s running mate.

After getting his undergraduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Beau got his law degree from Syracuse. He clerked for Judge Steven McAuliffe of the United States district court of New Hampshire. Along with this, he worked at the U.S Department of Justice in Philadelphia. Eventually, he rose to the ranks of becoming a federal prosecutor in the US Attorney Office. After a two-year stint as a partner in a law firm, Beau was elected Delaware’s attorney general in 2006.

During his two terms, Beau aggressively went after sexual predators, launching a Child Predator Task Force and enacting new laws for tougher prison sentences for offenders. He tallied 180 convictions when his father became the Vice President.

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The Military Life

Beau who earned the rank of Major in the U.S. JAG Corps joined the Military in 2003. He became a part of the army because the U.S army made up a legal arm consisting of officers who were lawyers as well, to provide legal services to all levels of the army. He has deployed t Iraq for a year in 2008 and was awarded the Bronze Medal for his service in Iraq.

Death Explained

It all started when Beau suffered from a mild stroke in 2010, three years later he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He underwent surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, which helped put cancer in remission but it returned in 2015, and Beau was hospitalized on May 20, 2015. The demise of Beau Biden happened ten days later. His funeral was held at the St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in Wilmington, Delaware. “He did in 46 years what most of us couldn’t do in 146”, said at that time President Obama in the eulogy.

Joe Biden in one of his Presidential campaigns promised to make curing cancer one of the cornerstones in the memory of his eldest son Beau Biden.

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