Sheets™ LAUNDRY CLUB Continues to Set Its Sights on Plastic Reduction on National Earth Day

Sheets™ LAUNDRY CLUB Continues to Set Its Sights

We have to face it some time and the time is now. We as a species spread so much plastic waste on the land and sea combined that you can’t even imagine. Every year, we manufacture 380 million tonnes of plastic in different forms, shapes, and sizes for different uses. Now, see this, out of that 380 million tonnes of plastic which was manufactures, only 80 million tonnes were preserved or not thrown out. 300 million tonnes of plastic waste are thrown every year in this world and that is making our mother earth sick. And now think out of those 300 million tonnes, how much of it is reusable. 9 percent. That’s it. You can do the calculation.

But, it’s the people who are coming out and trying to save this earth. We have thousands and thousands of NGOs whose main focus is to clean the waste, whether it’s in any form, or any shape, and anywhere, on the land or in the water. Their main focus is to clean them with pollution and make the Earth healthy again. And then there are clubs, where anyone can join all over the world who are fed up with seeing waste all around them and want to serve the world. They want to clean land as well as water but start with short things.

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In North Carolina, there is a club operating that goes by the name of sheets™ LAUNDRY CLUB, whose main focus is to serve the earth. Have you ever thought that when you wash the clothing, where exactly your dirt from clothes is going? Is it going somewhere that can hurt biological life, or is it going in the sewers? Where do sewers open up? Is it harmful to the environment or not.

That’s where these guys come in. The founder of this company is Chris Videau. He was in the army and now he is a veteran. He is also disabled but he wears it with pride. When he came back, he found that he has problems living in Carolina, because of the air, water, and land and because of the waste on it. So, he came with the idea of this company.


He offers you a monthly club-based subscription and gives you pure bio-degradable soap and products you can use in laundry. These products are great. They are well made and cheap, so you don’t have to worry about the price and also you don’t have to buy them every week. The Product is amazing. I am one of its users.

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