My Hero Academia Chapter 317: Release Date, Spoiler Discussion and Read Online

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen manga and anime of recent times. The Manga started publishing in 2014 and has 30 volumes till now and more coming. Meanwhile, the anime premiered in April 2016 and has four completed seasons with the fifth one currently airing. Overall the anime has completed 100 episodes till now.

The manga also has several spin-off mangas on the same characters with light take. After the cliffhanger of the last chapter, many fans are awaiting the arrival of the next chapter My Hero Academia Chapter 317.

My Hero Academia:

The Superhero manga follows Midoriya, a boy without powers in a world where almost everyone has some kind of powers called Quirk. He gets selected by All Might, the number one hero of Japan who is reaching his limit, to be his successor and shares his power with him. Later he enters a reputable high school for training the future superheroes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 317: Release Date, Spoiler Discussion and Read Online

Last chapter showed Endeavour arriving as back up at the place. Deku is badly injured, while he is still thinking about the Quirk. He tries to move, but even after the warning from Endeavour he still moves. A video shows All for One clapping and states that Lady Nagant was not forced to join the group. He tells now that the focus would not be All Might anymore but it would be Deku. The chapter ended with a blast which is a trap set by the villain that gets triggered, leaving us with a cliffhanger.

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Spoiler Discussion:

The next chapter will cover what happened earlier, what was the blast, and how they survive the setup trap blast. Many things can happen in the next storyline a new arc or new power-ups might be seen. Other speculations or spoiler predictions can be viewed on the Reddit platform for the next chapter discussion.

Release Date & Read Online:

The Chapter is scheduled to release on 20th June that is on Sunday. It would be available on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, Shueisha Manga Plus, and other websites for reading online. They would be available to read for free officially.

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