Girls Last Tour Season 2: Release Date, Renewal and Story Updates

Girls’ Last Tour, a 12-episode television anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series, written and illustrated by Tsukumizu. Produced by White Fox, especially covering the manga’s first 4 volumes, aired in Japan between October and December 2017. Originally, aired on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, and many local networks. Later, also got released on Amazon Prime, making it one of the popular and binge-watched anime.

Since its premiere, it has received a huge positive response from the audience. Fans have been living in uncertainty whether there will be another season or not.

Here’s all that you need to know about the release date of Girls Last Tour Season 2, renewal status, and many more.

Renewal Status: 

As per the sources to date, The White Fox has not yet announced anything about this manga series. Apparently, it has not been renewed at the time of writing.

It is heartbreaking as the series has received recognition and gained popularity. Yet they are few concerns that we would like to mention:

The first season has already covered the first 4 volumes. And primarily only 2 volumes are left which is not sufficient enough to go with another season. Besides this, the monetary budget seems another big trouble for this series. Mostly, an anime is expected to exceed 4,000 sales in volume average before it can be approved for a new season whereas 2497 copies were sold in the first volume, and it continued with 2387 sales in the volume two sales.

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That certainly can be an obstacle behind renewal. Though the anime gained popularity that’s in OOTD and other platforms, only 27 people on social media handle Twitter follow the anime’s official account. And in worldwide popularity score, it is above average that is 77.1 %.

Thus, in a way, there are a lot of troubles in the path of renewal that could certainly take few more years to come to a final decision. Well, that’s only a guess, the scenario might change depends on the production house and other factors.

Season 2 Release Date:

As for the mentioned reasons above, probably no season 2 will be premiered any time soon. Though if there is an update regarding this, we will inform you from time to time. But for the time being it is hard to say that there will be another season.

Brief of the Season 1:

The voice actresses of the protagonists, Inori Minase and Yurika Kubo, perform the opening and ending themes, “Ugoku Ugoku” and “More One Night”. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series and streamed the series on Anime Strike. The series has been licensed by the MVM Flims in the UK. Apparently, each episode consists of two to three short interconnecting stories.

Girls Last Tour Season 2: Release Date, Renewal and Story Updates

The plot revolves around two girls who are the only survivors after the city is being devastated by long-time wars. Now from here, another battle starts that’s the survival battle. The protagonists start their journey post-apocalypse. They walk over in the empty streets looking for food and water to drink. Even if they were having their worse days and could not find anything for survival, these two have each other.

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The journey witnesses twist and turn and make a remarkable one. Though the end of season 1 was quite incomplete. And this is why fans are more anticipated about season 2.

The cast of Season 1:

  • Chito, one of the two main protagonists. Nicknamed “Chii-chan, voiced by: Inori Minase(Japanese).  Chito is knowledgeable about machines and drives the Kettenkrad. She is a literate and passionate reader.
  •  Yuuri, the second protagonist. Nicknamed “Yuu,” Voiced by: Yurika Kubo. Though She cannot read, is proficient with rifles, and is a crack shot. She rides in the back of the Kettenkrad. Yuuri is afraid of the unknown and keen on adventure. Often driven by her desire and behaves like a child when she wants to have more regardless of what they have.
  •   Kanazawa, a traveler Chito and Yuuri meet while trying to find a path to the upper stratum of the city. By profession, a cartographer and has desires. Meanwhile gifts his camera to Yuuri and Chito when he leaves them to continue his mapping project.
  • Ishii, a  scientist who lives in an abandoned airbase who is building an airplane keeping in mind the old records so that she can fly to another city. Besides, helping fix Chito and Yuuri’s Kettenkrad and enlists their help to finish the airplane, she gives Yuuri and Chito food.

Nuko, a mysterious small creature that is long and white, resembling a cat that Chito and Yuuri pick up on their journey. Not only it communicates with the girls via radio signals, but also shape-shift to activate mechanisms and likes eating bullets. It is later revealed to be part of a species that consumes weapons and power sources to stabilize them.

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Availability of Season 1:

You can watch season 1 online on various streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Hidive, and Anime Online.

And If there is any update about season 2, we will update it.

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