Sea of Thieves Season 2: Updates and Need to know

Sea of Thieves, a breathtaking, exciting, and full of adventurous games, has launched its new season on April 15. Season 2 contains a whole boatload of new events, features, and adventures. It offers you the chance to live a pirate’s life, experiencing fights and enjoying the loots while sailing in a vast sea with your crew. Earn renown for the adventures you undertake and the challenges you complete progressing through the 100 levels with your friends. So, get ready to experience the adventures in a whole new way.

Explore the game

This adventure, it offers a boosted progression. Pirates with gold to spare can choose to purchase the Resource Crates from the Merchant Alliance and get the whole new stock. You should check upon Merchant’s manifest to find out what’s in demand at each outpost. 

Sea of Thieves Season 2: Updates and Need to know

 Emissaries have stocked up on new rewards for this new season to attract more pirates. Those pirates who can reach the highest tier at each company can get some superb ship cosmetics. While Emissaries to Athena’s Fortune could earn some new weapons. 

The marauding mercenaries looking for some new fearsome challenges, Forts of Fortune have started to appear in the sea with a big cloudy skull showing their presence. Besides the loot, the rewards would be great and satisfying for the time and skills you have shown. 

Although there are 100 levels with different rewards, if you want to progress even faster, you can do so by overcoming trials. It is a series of varied challenges that all pirates would be able to take part in, they’ll give you a wholesome of adventures to embark on. It provides you the opportunity to let you prove yourself as the master of the sea. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to have fun with your friends.

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Appearance and the Fixed issues

  • At the front end of the game, new accessibility options have been added to improve the legibility of the text.
  • While opening the UI menus that overlap, the rear screen will now appear blurred to make the content easier to read.
  • In the gameplay, whenever the players will defeat the skeleton captain, now they can find some gold pouch among the debris as their reward.
  • After sinking Skeleton fleets, the floating loot will have some seagulls circling it to make them easier to find by the players.
  • After losing a ship and using a mermaid to grant a new vessel, it will now be placed at a greater distance from the enemies.
  • Crew nameplate icons will show when other players are attacked.
  • When moving around the outposts, the glass on compasses and watches would not appear popping in and out.
  • During the gameplay, whenever a player loses their external network connection should no longer experience a black screen when returned.
  • A player being disconnected from their local network will no longer experience a Daffodilbeard error when returning.
  • Many improvements have also been made to server performance reducing latency during gameplay.

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