Jana Kramer Divorcing Mike Caussin: Everything you Need to Know


Jana Kramer Files for Divorce from Mike Caussin: ‘He Cheated and Broke Her Trust,’ Says Source
Jana Kramer has filed for divorce from Mike Caussin.

Jana Kramer Divorcing Mike Caussin:

Recently,  the nation musician and performer 37 declared openly in a personal Instagram post that she is divorcing Caussin after six years of relationship.

She wrote, It’s moment As I attempt to give rise to an understanding of a truth I never thought needed to speculate could be feasible then, that news has now become a truth,  she further jotted down on social media that I’ve combated I’ll and I’ve adored hard. I’ve excused. I’ve resolved the business. I’ve lent everything I remember, and now I have nobody else to provide.

Please remember that I still understand wholeheartedly in relationship, affection, and rebuilding. I just can’t battle any longer than I’ve been. It’s time to rebuild,” she began again. “Thank you for all the love, courage, and assistance, in several ways you have battled on this voyage alongside me, and for that I am pleased. I’ll constantly motivate you to begin again the decent battle, but you can’t combat it independently”


quotation warns PEOPLE that the separation is expected to infidelity, which the pair had recently separated over in 2016.

“He deceived and smashed her confidence again,” the authority announces. “After battling for the wedding for so extended, she appears to words with the culmination that his diagrams were never getting on to alter.

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The evidence of the split succeeds seven months after the couple broadcasted their publication The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully about consolidating their relationship after the former football player pursued medication for sex obsession.

Further, the retired NFL performer jotted down in that “I’ve proposed only an incredible woman in my life, Most of my understandings can be more described as ‘talking to,’ which nearly means we were sleeping jointly but I never perpetrated sufficient to get my impressions involved. And when I did commit, I necessarily deceived. I couldn’t be alone.”


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