Solo Leveling Chapter 156: Release Date , Spoiler Leak and Read Manga Online.

Solo Leveling is South Korean Action -Adventure web novel written by CHUONG and “REDUCE studios” are credited for illustrating the Manga. The manga is about the protagonist “SUNG JIN WOO “, who is the weakest Hunter at the beginning but at the end he will the most strongest Hunter in the world and he also bravely unleashes the monsters in the world.

What is the Release Date of Chapter 156? 

The exciting news is her for Solo Leveling lovers and just 5 days away for its release. The web comic is serialized or licensed initially in Papyrus and later in KAKAOPAGE, a content platform Optimized for mobiles. This particular episode is going to be released on 16th June 2021 and in some countries the episode would be released little late by 27th June 2021.

Spoilers of Latest Chapter 156.

Previously on Chapter 155

The chapter begins with the hectic traffic. A college girl and her mother having an argument about whether to stay in the city or to leave. The girl even fights with her mother that she’s just started to enjoy her life, would be a college girl next year, and want to leave the city before it turns out as a battlefield. Cha’s mother replies that JIN WOO would save them just as how her husband did.

The very next scene is JIN WOO having his own internal monologue, thinking about how to protect the world from the dangerous monsters and also about how will he spend his last moments. Miss HAE IN goes for the Judo practice somehow she can’t concentrate and very low-spirited.

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HAE IN later gets call from SUNG JIN WOO and she immediately takes leave from there. JIN WOO and HAE IN are off to the amusement park and HAE IN is nervous and asks him that he likes places like Amusement park he replies that he would want to visit such places for once in his lifetime.

They both try some rides like a roller coaster and  Haunted house too. JIN WOO says about the feeling that he has on This Amusement Part, it was actually built on the gateway that his father disappeared. They both spend a little time at the Amusement Park and the lights dim.

What to expect in this Chapter 156?

This chapter is definitely going to be very interesting and fun full to read. this is a very good and lighthearted chapter with romantic development after the long battles, Huge loss of the Chairman killed by Frost Monarch.

The manga could be read online in websites like TAPAS , TAPPYTOON, LEZHIN COMICS , TOOMICS AND also in NETCOMICS

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