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Loki Episode 2: Release Date and Major SPOILER LEAKS.

Soon after the success of it’s series such as Wanda Vision and Disney+ is back with a new MCU show Loki The show is focused on the character of Hiddleston Loki and is based on the sets of Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The show hit upon its release and fans has been waiting for the show for a long time. After the first episode was released fans are waiting for the next episode. Here’s everything you need to know about the next episode of Loki.

Loki Release Date And Spoilers.

Episode two of Loki is getting released on Wednesday 16 June 2021. The show will be released on Disney plus initial the second episode was supposed  get released on Friday but now it’s getting released on Wednesday. Because of the already airing show The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. The first season of Loki consists only 6 episodes which is getting finished on July 14, 2021. The new episode will be released on the same time world wide.

In the new first episode of Loki we see that Loki begins with his new journey and on the way finds a new reason to live. The one beyond what he was expecting he is on the path to such his true self and realizes what lies ahead of him. The last episode began from where Loki left the endgame to escape the tesseract. He reached in a village where no one knows him. Later he is sentenced to jail after he was found guilty.

2nd episode of the series will run for 54 minutes with the same story that the first episode ended with. There is no much available about the contents of the 2nd episode. Nothing has been revealed about the spoilers. Disney+ also didn’t release the trailer to give views hints about what to expect in the next episode.

Fans are building their own theories about the new episode as in what to expect from it. Some fans say that Mobius will be helping Loki and the Mephisto will be the spoiler.  will come to  But for sure that it will be an amazing journey traveling different universe and time travel.

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