France Authorities Opening The Cafes, Restaurants And Museums.

Covid-19 has disrupted everyone’s normal life of most of the people around the world. France too has experienced the same thing, people in France had to face lockdown and ample of restrictions due to Covid- 19.  Almost after six month, France has decided to lift the Covid – 19 restrictions that were applied on the country.

Authorities in France decided to open up restaurants, museums, and cinemas on Wednesday, May 19 after six months. People are excited to resume life without mask-free though they still have to maintain social distancing. Along with this bad weather too is likely to effect peoples return to a semi-normal life.

What Are The Hurdles On The Way Of Re-Opening France Completely?  

Restaurants and cafes with rooftops gardens are flooded with bookings for outdoor dinners, after lifting the restrictions of the second lockdown. Soon after this the lockdown will be ended completely with fully opening the economy on June 30th.

Cinema, theatres and museums were closed for more than six months during which they completely relied on state aid. With the weather forecast that predicted showers across the country along with snow in the Alps which is not letting most of the venues half outdoor seating. Around 40 percent of the French restaurants that boost terrace will go through a rain check after which they will resume the normal operations of the venue.

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What Are The Future Plans About Reopening France Economy Fully? 

After lifting the restrictions on Wednesday there will be a night curfew that will get pushed back to two hours to 9 pm will allow only 6 people per table which is likely to affect the reopening. Stephanie Mathey who owns three Paris bistros says that this stage of reopening is like dress rehearsal for the summer. Further, she said

“Like a diesel engine, we’ll warm up slowly,”

From 30th June the curfew too will get fully lifted up and from 9 June the restaurants and cafes will be allowed to serve people indoors. People are looking forward to watch a movie inside the cinema halls along with catching a play or exhibition.

Louvre museum which is the world’s most visited venue wrote on its website after they was a lot of demand for tickets of the Renaissance sculpture show.

“We are glad to be able to welcome you again,”

With this other shops too opening with a set timetable on Wednesday. Over 20 million people has received the first dose of vaccine which is carried out rapidly. Health ministry will soon allow people without mask on the streets.

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