Who is Harper Hempel? Jamal Murray Girlfriend & Controversial S*X Tape

Jamal Murray the star from Denver Nuggets is trending on Twitter and Instagram and has crashed the internet in one night. The star has hit the highest bar of being scandalous on the internet. A S*X tape of Jamal Murray Girlfriend and him was published on his Instagram Story which was later deleted as soon as possible.

The video popped on his Instagram story on 22nd March. Since then numerous fans have a lot of inquiries regarding Jamal Murray Girlfriend, Harper Hempel.

Who is Harper Hempel?

Harper Hempel is NBA player Jamal Murray Girlfriend. Harper was born on 30th August 1997 who graduated from Gatton School of Business at the University of Kentucky. She was a student of marketing and Digital media marketing. She was a popular girl at school and was also played on the Kentucky women’s volleyball team. Being high school sweethearts Hempel and Murray know each other for ages.

Who is Harper Hempel? Jamal Murray Girlfriend & Controversial S*X Tape

Hempel’s Instagram handle consists of a lot of beautiful pictures from her trips and beautiful places around the world. Her ID simply proves that she seems to love traveling and is quite passionate about it. After graduating Harper started working as a social media consultant and she does photography and owns a company in Kentucky. It can be said that Harper has multiple sources of income as she joined All Social Jessie in August 2019 as a Social Media Marketing manager. She even has been the Social Media Community Manager of Facts & Fiction since March 2020.

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Her job profile completely proves that she is very popular on Instagram. Till now Jamal Murray Girlfriend Harper Hempel has kept her life private on Instagram. She kept it private so as to not be revealed as a college athlete dating an NBA star, aiming to avoid media. However, as the S*X tape was published on Murray’s Instagram which exploded Twitter Hempel was revealed as Jamal Murray Girlfriend. After the incident, both of them disappeared from social media for a while keeping their personal lives private to cool off the situation.

Who is Harper Hempel? Jamal Murray Girlfriend & Controversial S*X Tape

The Controversy of Jamal Murray Girlfriend

Jamal Murray and his girlfriend Harper Hempel became a part of a terrible scandal where a S*X tape was leaked on Jamal’s Instagram story. Their private life has become basketball’s biggest story crashing the internet. Just after the incident, Jamal confirmed that his account has been hacked and someone has purposely done the wrongdoing to harass the star.

Even after this huge controversy the couple is still together and has become stronger than ever. Although after the incident the couple has privatized their personal lives for security reasons. The couple doesn’t want to gain more public attention after the incident. Both of their accounts have their pictures together but with family and friends, nothing couple-like.

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