Palisades Fire Forces Los Angeles County Residents To Evacuate

Out from Coronavirus pandemic and into another trouble. The condition in Los Angeles is dire, the area is again lit by wildfire. The fires are raging and turning everything in its path to ashes. It has charred more than 1,320 acres of land since it was reported on Friday. Mandatory evacuations are now ordered to minimize damage to human lives.

The Raging Inferno

It has become regular for Los Angeles to suffer one wildfire or other. The latest wildfire has charred over 1300 acres of forest area and is still 0 percent contained. With the massive drought that California faced for weeks, experts worry that weather would get more drier and hotter. This is turn has potential to create another of scorching wildfire season.

As a result, residents east of Topanga Canyon between the Community House and View Ridge are ordered to evacuate. The Los Angeles County Fire Department has also suggested everyone north of Entrada, east of Henry Ridge and south of Oakwood to immediately evacuate.

About 1000 individuals have now evacuated. The authorities have suggested to collect their valuables and medicine and drive out of the region marked for evacuation. Meanwhile, many households are also suggested to be on standby to leave when asked by the fire department.

As the wild fire rages on, it is certainly a race against time to contain the inferno from devouring the households.

A Foolish Mischief and Lots of Trouble

According to the fire department the fires are caused by some suspicious agents. The department suspects a mischief led to the first sparks for the inferno. The spokesperson confirmed that the department’s arson investigators are interviewing a suspect connected to the blaze.

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The region has not seen fire in almost five decades. It is estimated that 300 firefighters are turning no stones to snuff out the wild fire before it reaches further. The given condition of drought, gets coupled with the gusty winds is making the fire spread fast. These conditions are expected to cause much more difficulty in containing the fire.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the cause of the Palisades fire is still active and all leads are taken into account.

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