China Flexes its Muscles Again : Practices Taiwan Invasion Drills

The world is not a quite place after the pandemic. Nations big and small are out to assert their influence on world stage. Meanwhile, the South China sea is facing tensions rise between China and Taiwan. Amidst this, China is undertaking military drills in the sea, which shows preparation of Taiwanese invasion.

The Military Drills

The latest navy drill by China comes after a joint drill by US, Japan, Australia and France. The Chinese drill showcased the Type 075, a 40,000-tonne amphibious warship. The warship is supposed to carry up to 30 choppers and 1000 personnel.

According to Chinese military expert Song Zhongping the PLA training showed signs of possible war over Taiwan. Chinese army spokesperson claimed that the drills were to showcase the ability of the PLA in the region. According to him Taiwan and Western powers should get a lesson by the drills and not test the Chinese resolve.

The defense establishment claims its effective ability to organize a proper large scale, joint amphibious landing operation of high complexity. According to them such regular large scale drills and daily warplane drills act as deterrent against foreign powers. The drills according to the army is China’s answer to secessionist forces. It showcases PLA is fully determined and able to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Taiwanese nation is under heavy pressure from China to give up its sovereignty to China

Tensions Brewing on Both Ends of Taiwan Strait

The establishment further warned the foreign forces about its intent to carry out more exercises. They would show PLA’s true ability with involvement of missile, artillery and aviation force.

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Meanwhile, China has increased the frequency of its intrusion in Taiwanese airspace. It has also stepped up its grey- zone tactics by intruding the Taiwan ADIZ on the south-west corner in one to three slow-flying turboprop planes. Worried by such blatant and regular intrusion by warplanes in Taiwan’s ADIZ President Su Tseng-Chang calls them “unnecessary” and “thoughtless” provocation. 

In the meantime, China still claims its full sovereignty over Taiwan. The democratic nation of 24 million people is separated from the mainland China by a thin stretch of Sea. Its been almost seven decades since both entities are ruled separately. Taiwan meanwhile has strong strategic ties with US which gives it an edge against Chinese aggression.

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