What Scientist Have To Say About The Coronavirus And It’s Origin.

The emergence of novel coronavirus is still a mystery which world’s most of the leading agencies are investigating on. Some theory suggest that the virus got leaked from a laboratory based in China. Until an investigation proves the theory to be false, the leading scientist suggest that this theory needs to be taken seriously.

The Theories About Origin Of Covid – 19.

The virus that emerged from China back in 2019 has taken away 3.34 million lives around the globe. Upended humans normal live and have costed trillions of loss in the income. The current pandemic also increased unemployment, mental health issues and suicide rates in many effected countries.

18 scientists working as clinical microbiologist at the University of Cambridge and Jesse Bloom, studying the evolution of viruses at the Fred Hutchinson cancer research center including Ravindra Gupta said –

“More investigation is still needed to determine the origin of the pandemic. “

David Relman, professor of microbiology at Stanford in a letter to the journal Science says

“Theories of accidental release from a lab and Zoonotic spillover both remain viable,”

The author of the letter told the World Health Organization’s investigation regarding the origin of Corona Virus did not make a “balanced consideration” about the theory that the virus got leaked from the laboratory.

A joint report written jointly by the Chinese scientists and WHO-led team that stayed in an around Wuhan in January and February claims that the virus was transmitted to humans from bat through another animal and the theory about laboratory leak is false.

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Few other theories regarding the origin of the virus claim that

“We must take hypotheses about both natural and laboratory spillover seriously until we have sufficient data, an intellectually rigorous and dispassionate investigation needed to take place.”

“In this time of unfortunate anti- Asian sentiment in some countries, we note that at the beginning of the pandemic, it was Chinese doctors, scientists, journalists, and citizens who shared with the world crucial information about the spread of the virus- often at great personal cost.”

Most of the agencies are behind the cause of origin of the virus. Recently in a document published by an Australian newspaper claims that china was weaponizing Covid – 19. Still the real cause is still a mystery and we all need to wait until scientists come up with it.

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