Lord of The Rings series: Budget & Latest Updates

The Lord of The Rings Series produced by Amazon Studios was announced back in 2018. The series has already been renewed for the second season. Amazon had paid $250 million for the rights only and now it has been announced that the initial season alone would have the budget of $465 million.

The J R R Tolkien book world already has 2 movie trilogies named ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ which served as the prequel to the earlier trilogy. This series is set years before both the movies to be precise almost three thousand years before.

Lord of The Rings series: Budget & Latest Updates


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The huge budget of $465 million was explained by Jennifer Salke who is the Studio Chief. The budget of just one season which is more than any of the popular fantasy or drama show even the show based on Martin’s books Game of Thrones. The Chief went on to say that the budget would be necessary for Worldbuilding purposes.

There were claims when the show was announced that the series would have a budget of around half Billion to One Billion which proves to be the same. The series world would supposedly be on the level or may surpass the world seen in the movies.


The story is to take place in the Second Age of the Middle Earth World which would show the foundation or earlier history of the world we know so far from the movies. The series will follow characters already known and also introduce some new ones. The official synopsis was released in the January of this year.

Amazon has also added Charlotte Brandstrom to the filming crew. More than 30 actors have been official confirmed as well and the filming is ongoing. The already known characters may include the Elves like Galadriel or others might be seen again however the actor may be different. There also might be some characters who we did not seen but who were spoken about as great figures in the movies.

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The Studios have not announced the release date, nor any trailer or teaser has been unveiled till now but the series is likely to release this year and will have total of 8 episodes on Prime.

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