UN Security Council, Wakes Up after Israel- Hamas Hostility risks a Full Blown War

With the hostilities between Hamas and the Israeli government rising, the world is worried about further escalation. The violence erupted, after the struggle between the Israeli authorities and the Muslim population in the compound of the Al Aqsa Mosque. The current acts of violence is the gravest since 2014.

The World is Watching

The recent violence has sparked outrage within the world community. The fear is that the hostilities if not ended would lead to a full-blown war, which would be a human-made catastrophe. Looking at this reality the United Nations is closely monitoring the situation. Meanwhile, Tunisia, Norway and China have requested another emergency UN Security Council meeting. The agenda is expected to cover all aspects of worsening hostilities between Israel and Palestinians.

According to sources, the meeting would be public by nature and both Israeli and Palestinian party would be allowed to weigh in their statements. It should be noted that the Security Council has already held two closed-door online meeting within a week. Meanwhile US is opposing calls of releasing a joint statement. The US believes that these would do no good in de escalating the situation.

The UN security council is holding a meeting to discuss the recent acts of violence between Israelis and Palestinians

The diplomats stationed at the council say that the goal of a new meeting is to try to contribute to peace. In doing so they hope the Security Council would be able to express itself and to call for ceasefire.

What lies Ahead

In the meantime, Israel has refused to allow the Security Council to get involved in the conflict. The US government seems to be okay by that stand for now. Meanwhile, Antony Blinken has sent US envoys to middle east to broker a way to stop hostilities.

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The Security Council with exception of US have released a joint statement condemning the violence. The council called for a stoppage of hostilities without wasting time. It also pointed that the high casualties of children and civilians is unacceptable and should immediately stop.

The council called on Hamas to stop firing rockets from civilian areas. Also, it reprimanded Israel from using excessive force and asked Israel to stop settlements and eviction in East Jerusalem.

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