Ryan Seacrest is ‘LEAVING’ Live with Kelly and Ryan, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Situation

Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host Ryan Seacrest is rumored to be leaving the show and it isn’t the first time these rumors’ have surfaced. Ryan Seacrest became the show’s co-host with former soap opera actress Kelly Ripa in 2017.

Is there any Backstory?

Back in 2018, a story was followed by the National Enquirer that claimed that the American Idol star Ryan Seacrest was leaving the show because of his co-host Kelly Ripa’s attitude. It went on to say that Ryan Seacrest was fed up with his co-host’s dominating attitude and Kelly Ripa only cared about the show’s ratings whereas Ryan Seacrest wanted to be loved by the viewers. Later a spokesman for Seacrest declared the report as untrue.

In 2019, Life & Style reported that Ryan Seacrest was bailing on his on-air partner Kelly Ripa since he missed living on the west coast. The magazine went on to write that Ripa asked Seacrest whether he was leaving even though he couldn’t leave the show according to the contracts drawn in regards to the show hosting. This was dismissed since the report didn’t make sense.

There were also reports stating that the staff and crew of the hosts of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show were upset because both Ryan and Kelly have deserted them leaving New York during the Pandemic. But further statements released clarified that nothing of this was true and that because of Coronavirus everyone had to isolate themselves.

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What are the reasons behind his leave?

Other rumours were that Kelly Ripa threatened ABC Executives to resign from the Live show if Ryan Seacrest didn’t return to New York and if Ryan Seacrest wanted to do the show from Hollywood they would have to choose between Kelly and Ryan as she wasn’t leaving New York. And some tabloids said that Ryan Seacrest was suffering from mental issues and was working hard and others targeted his love life saying that he regrets choosing his career over love.

But both the co-hosts have returned to the New York studio and are working together. It is believed that Ryan Seacrest is spending most of his time in New York and that he has put his Beverly Hills mansion for sale in the market. Therefore, all rumors can be squashed. Ryan Seacrest will not be leaving the show Live with Kelly and Ryan and both Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa are friends and happy co-hosts.

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