Hillary Clinton is DEAD from Cannibalism Disease, Says Cirsten Weldon, Death Hoax Debunked

A rather shocking and unnecessary rumor buzzed on the internet this past week claiming that the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had died. The rumor kicked off on the internet after former actress and a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist, Cirsten Weldon claimed the death of Clinton. She mentioned that the former first lady of the US died last year from a rare cannibalism disease.

When Weldon recently appeared on the pro-QAnon podcast, called Up Front in The Prophetic, she claimed that Clinton died last year of kuru. Kuru is a very rare disease, a brain-wasting one that is caused by an infectious protein, and also associated with cannibalism. This isn’t the first time that someone has claimed that Hillary Clinton has died. Francine Fosdick, the host of the far-right podcast told Weldon that another conspiracy theorist Gene Cosensei previously claimed that Clinton was dead long ago.

Cosensei claimed that Clinton was eliminated following a tribunal in 2018. After Fosdick told her about Cosensei’s death claim, she agrees that Clinton is dead but mentioned that the manner and time of death is different. In a video shared by Right Wing Watch, Weldon claims that Clinton has died a long time ago, but she doesn’t think it was in 2018. Also, she doesn’t agree to the manner of death, claimed by Cosensei. She further added that she died eight months ago of the disease called kuru.

Hillary Clinton is not dead. It’s just a death hoax.

After the rumor spread through the internet, several came forward debunking the death hoax. The 73-year-old politician is doing just fine and is not dead. People have debunked Weldon’s claim and mocked that her theory doesn’t make any sense at all. The former democratic presidential candidate is going to speak on the upcoming Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders summit.

Weldon has previously made wild and unusual claims. In July 2020, she mentioned that Clinton and her husband were both executed. She also added that the then-Trump’s White House was preparing to offer a pay-per-view streaming to those who wanted to watch the execution. Other pro-QAnon theorists, like Weldon claimed that the Trump administration was fighting against the satanic Democrats, who are involved in child sex trafficking.

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There is zero proof any of their claims, as just recently Clinton was active on her social media.

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