Xi Jinping : Tides Seem to be Turning Makings Chinese Premier’s Third Term DOUBTFUL

China image is literally in tatters, since the beginning of the Covid – 19 pandemic. The country is facing criticism not just over the handling of pandemics but also against the inhumane treatment of its Islamic population. China’s repeated aggression against its neighbor has received worldwide condemnation.

President Xi and his Muscle Flexing

Xi was elected president by the Communist Party of China to act to protect the soft- power of China in the world. Earlier in his term, Xi worked efficiently to help China’s global repute. But, recently Xi is observed to be doing much more muscle-flexing around the country.

President Xi Jinping’s recent hard – line policies beyond the Chinese territories is causing irreparable damage to the Country’s soft power. With China’s image on world stage in tatters, suspicions are rising over Xi chances of getting another term in office.

Xi Jinping seems to be under pressure over his unwanted Muscle Flexing, which is causing image management problems for China

World Wide Scrutiny and Rebukes

One of the most important topic in the recent G7 meeting remained the threat from People’s Republic of China. The members lashed out at Xi over his actions in south China Sea, incursions in cyberspace, human rights abuses and his recent hard-line stand against its neighbors.

Tensions are high in Beijing over the conduct of its President. He recently, shelved an economic dialogue with Australia. While attacking Prime Minister Scott Morrison for a “Cold War mindset”.

China is still going on with his provocation in South Asia. This has caused a massive dent to tourism. Critics believe that Xi’s policy has squandered China’s opportunity to grow its soft power during its Trade War with US. As a result, China’s international image has lost ground since 2018.

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Xi’s actions in Hong Kong and hostilities with Taiwan is undermining Chinese soft-power. Meanwhile, the QUAD initiative by the Biden administration is becoming a headache for the leader.

These actions signal insecurity in the mind of President Xi Jinping. The inability to lay ground for China on the world forum is leading to pressure in the party. With the recent report card not so good, it is becoming more difficult for Xi to secure an another term.

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